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Bedrock Tree Farm – Sea Salt Scrub


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As a hand scrub if you love fishing but not the smelly bait on your your hands.

As a foot scrub if you have tired, achy, smelly athletic feet.

Sticky stuff on your hands, sap, grime, grease, gone in 30 seconds.

Cooking garlic or onions? Use on hands, cutting board, sink drain.

At Bedrock Tree Farm our products are individually handcrafted using freshly harvested fir needles, dried fir needle powder, and premium fir needle essential and naturally derived fragrance oils. Nothing synthetic.

Bedrock Tree Farm is a choose and cut Christmas Tree Farm in Rhode Island. In an effort to find a use for the leftover sheared branches they found a way to create a fir needle base for soy candles and soaps that smells amazingly authentic.