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Bedrock Tree Farm – Fir Needle Tumbler | 7oz


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• Single cotton wick
• Approximate burn time 42 hours

At Bedrock Tree Farm our candles are individually handcrafted using freshly harvested fir needles, dried fir needle powder, and premium fir needle essential and naturally derived fragrance oils. Nothing synthetic. The Fir Needle candles have the incredible aroma of a fresh sheared branch that is enjoyable year round. The needles floating on the top give an entertainment value to watching the candle burn.

Bedrock Tree Farm is a choose and cut Christmas Tree Farm in Rhode Island. In an effort to find a use for the leftover sheared branches they found a way to create a fir needle base for soy candles and soaps that smells amazingly authentic.

Candle Burning Tips:

When you light our wooden wick, always use a lighter (not a match) and hold the flame at the base of the wick to get the wax started melting around the wood.

ALWAYS let candle burn long enough to get a pool of melted wax across the surface of the entire candle as shown above (approx. 1 hour). You should achieve this with every burn for best results and to avoid tunneling (common waste of wax).

Before the next lighting gently scrape the top ridge of the wick with a wick dipper or non-flammable tool to remove the charred wood. In some cases if the flame isn’t vigorous enough for you, remove a small amount of wax to allow more wood to be exposed and you will get that bigger flame.

We do not label around the column of the jar so that you can enjoy watching the wood flame. After each burn, you can wrap a damp paper towel around a tool and wipe the inside of the jar clean for a clear view of the next burn.