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Make Christmas Easy: Browse Our Hand Selected Themes That Make Decorating a Breeze!

If you're ready for top gift-giving ideas for friends and family this year, why not make it easy and browse by theme? In this article, we share the top picks from our seven seasonal themes this year. 

1. Christmas Eve

The magic and anticipation of Christmas Eve light up Red's Home & Garden in the “night-before-Christmas” category. Ornaments, hand towels, figurines, and stockings are the hallmarks of this popular category.   Stock up on various sizes of posable elves! Position them on fireplace mantels, library shelves or kitchen spice racks and add a dash of seasonal whimsy to any flat surface with these adorable figures that have a rich Christmas history. If you're looking for tree ornaments, consider red pine cones that add a festive punch of color and texture to any real or artificial fir tree.

2. Gnome for the Holidays

There really is no place like gnome for the holidays! All things gnomes dominate this beloved Christmas store category, including free-standing gnomes and Santa gnomes and hats.   Perhaps you need a 30-inch standing gnome for your entryway? How about a set of reclining gnomes that can brighten up any flat surface, from stair treads to TV consoles and mantelpieces?

3. Have a Beary Christmas

Rustic is the name of the game when it comes to having a very beary Christmas. Pine cone, sledge and ski lodge ornaments are just some of the goodies you can expect when you browse this winter wonderland category.   Small or large wood and metal sled candleholders are a great way to add whimsy and spirit to any dining or coffee table. Add festive votives to the candleholders to imbue your living space with festive spirit, color and warmth. Resin pine cones are another great way to bring the outdoors indoors. Choose from 9-, 11- and 13.5-inch free-standing options. 

4. Holiday Homestead

All the comforts of home and life on the farm inform the Holiday Homestead category. Browse ornaments, kitchen towels, prints and crates, and find the pieces that lift your seasonal spirits.    Bright red cardinals, the state birds of North Carolina, make naturally stunning Christmas tree ornaments. Choose from a cardinal on a branch or with a wreath ornament. If you love adorable farm animals, put a furry baby goat ornament or a doorstop Christmas donkey in your shopping cart.

5. Juniper Grove

The Juniper Grove Christmas theme pays homage to the great outdoors with this line of tree- and animal-adorned products. In addition, many of the ornaments and decorations feature natural materials.   Choose from various sizes of a cement planter with pines, an earthy and robust way to display your tree or poinsettia. If you seek a touch of whimsy for your tree, go for an animal in a birch bark tree ornament. Choose from an owl, raccoon or squirrel.

6. Merry & Bright

Red, white and green products dominate this Christmas theme that allows you to instantly add vibrant color and shine to your home or office.  Add a cheery 30-inch Santa portrait to your home's entryway and include Saint Nick in your family and friends' events. If you're interested in adding more subtle dashes of color, buy some cedar or berry sprays for your mantelpiece or front door. 

7. Snow Much Fun

Let it snow outside and inside your home! Browse this popular theme to find the winter wonders that bring energy and joy to your festive season. Toss an 18-inch Let It Snow pillow on the couch and stay comfortable when it's time for the post-Christmas dinner nap, or add a snowman with skis ornament to your tree for color and humor. Have these delightful Christmas themes given you a festive feeling? Visit Red's Home & Garden and stock up on Christmas gifts in Wilkesboro.