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Arrange Your Outdoor Living Area for Autumn Activities

Earlier evenings, cooler weather, and warm hues signal the arrival of the fall season. The slight chill stimulates loved ones to draw closer together for occasions of thanks and celebration. Make your outdoor living space the place to be with these ideas for converting your yard from a spot for summer socializing to a cozy atmosphere for autumn activities.

Accessorize Around the Fire Pit

A bonfire is one of the best parts of fall's dropping temperatures. Optimize your space with chairs around a fire pit, and don't forget the skewers for the marshmallows and weenie roasts. A large log or stone is a seating option with rustic appeal. Add to the woodsy feeling with a metal log holder nearby for kindling to keep the fire crackling.

Add Throw Blankets and Pillows

Keep throw pillows and blankets to relax in when you want to cozy up with a good read or sip on a delicious hot beverage on breezy afternoons. A woven basket is perfect for stowing extra blankets while complementing the fall look. Drape a couple over your patio furniture for a chic accent. If rain or snow threatens your throws, your basket or another stylish container is convenient for quickly bringing your fabrics inside. Consider covers for your furniture cushions and pillows to protect them from inclement weather so you don't constantly have to drag them in and out. Contribute to your autumnal outdoor homemaking by selecting pillows and blankets with seasonal images. Designs featuring harvests, turkeys, acorns, and falling leaves are always winners. Select a few items with inspirational phrases that remind you to express gratitude and enjoy fall activities.

Enhance Lighting To Improve Outdoor Living

As darkness falls earlier in the day, keep your area safe and open for lounging with extra illumination. Set up some soft path lighting so you can navigate securely back into the house when cleaning up after sundown. Wall sconces add visibility to recessed areas, giving you full access to the yard during the evening. Lanterns create a lovely rustic feel. Mix and match finishes and sizes for variety. Battery-powered lanterns on tabletops allow for softer lighting while entertaining, minimizing the need for overpowered and distracting bulbs overhead. Translucent glass gives a glare-free experience that doesn't detract from the rest of your lighting. You don't have to reserve string lighting for winter festivities. Tiny twinkling bulbs or cafe lights work year-round to preserve a natural feel to your yard's nightly glow. Keep a casual and relaxed look by looping lights over your fencing or draping them in bushes and trees. If you desire more orderliness, hang the lines parallel over spots where folks associate.

Change the Flora 

As nature bursts with lovely reds, oranges, and yellows, refresh your planters with flora to match the seasonal shades. Use pots of different sizes, which preserves a natural and spontaneous aesthetic to the outdoor living space instead of a cookie-cutter monotony. The variety also allows you to put plants in pottery of appropriate dimensions for their health. Decide on a color palette and choose plants that complement your selected tones. Consider these possible choices:

  • Garden mums pop in gold, orange, bronze, and burgundy.
  • Beautyberries bring a bright purple that draws birds.
  • Goldenrod (unsurprisingly) adds gold that attracts butterflies and bees.
  • Add autumn crocus for a dash of light violet.
  • Blue star amsonia is a perennial that offers a brilliant gold backdrop for fall flowers.
  • Pansies come in various colors and are resilient against light frosts.

Switch Seasonal Decorations

Pumpkins and gourds are a delicious accent to a porch. Artificial options remove the worry about cleaning up rotting fruit. Don't restrict yourself to the customary orange and yellow options- white, green and pinkish pumpkins provide a unique touch. Usually, these varieties have a flattened shape, allowing you to stack them for an eye-catching display. Musquee de Provence pumpkins come in a rich earthy brown. Blue and white pumpkins are unusual species that draw attention as a talking piece and mix well with the traditional orange. Hay and corn stalks on the sides of your door fit well with your autumn plantings. Garlands and wreaths are other inviting outdoor homemaking decorations. Plastic leaves last the entire season and can be reused year after year. Wreaths can be fashioned out of all sorts of materials, so get creative. Search for or make a wreath yourself out of:

  • Hemp cord and faux flowers
  • A small wagon wheel with decorative pine cones
  • Plastic or wooden red delicious apples
  • Dried wheat or cornstalks
  • Wood in unique shapes like hexagon or spiral for a modernistic feel
  • Magnolia leaves and pine cones

Place a chalkboard in the center of a wreath so friends and family can leave memories of a visit with funny and heartwarming messages or drawings. Get ready to spread autumnal cheer by sprucing up your property. Red's Home & Garden has all the needed items to adorn your outdoor living area, from garden supplies and decor to landscaping needs and artificial plants. After you've transformed your space for the season, your guests will surely delight in your home's charm.